The new Hassalo on Eighth residential complex in Portland, Oregon will have no less than 1,200 bike parking spots for its tenants – the largest number in North America! GBD Architects designed four buildings – two will have street-accessible lots on the first floor, one will have its parking lots in the basement, and the fourth will have parking on residential floors.

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The block will be located in Portland’s Lloyd District. In fact, one building is already under construction. The complex will include huge bike storage facilities and an on-site bike valet parking service. Compared to Mexico’s largest facility for bike parking, which holds 800 parking spots, the new development will most probably hold the record in North America, if not worldwide.

Portland’s bike-friendly laws enabled the developer and architects to include such a large number of bikes. The city’s building code requires 1.5 bike spots per unit, so the buildings were going to have at least 990 bike parking spaces anyway. Nevertheless, the extra 210 show a commitment to green transportation and highlights just how few buildings in the word have organized similar parking.

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Via Archinect, Grist