The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is coming to Australia in the first week of March and the Young Designers at HASSELL have created the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar as a centerpiece for this year’s festival. This urban intervention will transform the steps of the amphitheater at Melbourne’s River Yarra into a literal coffee jungle in to abstractly demonstrate the journey that coffee takes to get to Australia.

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The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar design will incorporate the use of 125 coffee trees staggered among timber pallets and packing crates. This forest of trees will be incorporated into an outdoor space that includes a collection of shipping containers. These recycled products are trying to tell the story of how coffee is grown and transported to the public for consumption.

The Young Designers group at HASSELL has chosen the steps of the amphitheater to help represent the terraces of Guatemala in order to help change perceptions of how we use coffee. Urban coffee culture has changed to become a ‘takeaway’ or ‘throwaway’ culture that celebrates the speed and ease of getting a coffee. This display is being presented in a way that celebrates the REUSE of objects in order to serve the urban culture their coffee. This is a great statement and an even better exercise that the designers hope to communicate. Over 50,000 people move through the square where the display will be set up, and the designers hope to utilize this audience to spread the ideas presented in this design.

Click here to watch a video on the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar.