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The tent itself looks like a cross between two previous Hemiplanet models: the two-person Wedge and the three-person Cave. It features both a private sleeping area and a pass-through breeze way that’s perfect for enjoying breakfast or seeking shelter from the harsh rays of the sun.

Need some extra room or want to make sure precious books and electronics stay safe in bad weather? Simply attach one of the tent’s walls to the open hatch of the Audi Q3. According to Audi, the Hemiplanet tent has a wind load rating of up to 70 km/h (44 mph) and it can be rolled out and opened in about seven minutes. Attaching it to the back of the SUV just takes a few minutes more.

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Other car and tent makers have explored the concept of tent kits in the past. Britain’s MINI got lots of attention for its line of three different car-top campers, which it claims are the tiniest luxury campers in the world. Over a decade ago, Pontiac tried its hand at car camping as well, offering a line of tailgate tents for the Aztek SUV. Audi claims that its tent concept is stronger and easier to set up than these predecessors. What do you think: would a kit like this encourage you to take your SUV off the beaten path?

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