Sustainable living isn’t just about creating new ways to live in harmony with the world. It’s also about finding new ways to use what’s already here. This concept inspired the amazing Herdade da Ferraria by Enter Arquitectura. Once an old farm warehouse, this building has become a benchmark for modern design.

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A large pool of water next to a simple A-line house with a red roof.

Formerly an old building sitting among forests and fields, this beautiful structure’s stunning modern renovation showcases a fresh interpretation of what a family home can be. The Enter Arquitectura team preserved the building’s original character to maintain the lines and framework that give the structure a barn-like look.

A daytime view of a simple A-line house with a red roof, surrounded by trees and green bushes.

To align the home’s upper floor with the main entrance, the architects raised the terrain. This design choice gives the home a stronger connection to the world that surrounds it. Additionally, the new design provides more privacy for the bedrooms. The bedrooms enjoy forest views, while the upper floor looks out over the fields that once flourished all around this old farmhouse.

A floor-to-ceiling glass door and wall look out onto a patio with a table and chairs.

Discussing the build’s focus on natural materials, Enter Arquitectura explained in a press release that “taking into account environmental issues regarding ecological footprint (of which Enter partakes), it was also evident that effective solutions should be sought.” To this end, natural materials such as wood feature in many parts of the structure, such as the roof truss. The exposed roof truss adds architectural interest to the design and gives the living room a distinct look. The architects stuck to natural materials by using cork for insulation. Meanwhile, camouflaged solar panels help provide the home with energy.

A living room area with sofas and an exposed wood roof truss overhead.

This project demonstrates how an old building can find new life as a sustainable structure. As Enter Arquitectura said, “We believe we have managed to create an emblematic house within Herdade da Ferraria, that preserves the memory of its local inheritance while simultaneously offering all the comfort of modern amenities.”

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