When design heavy-hitters Herman Miller and Yves Behar revealed their brand new, eco-friendly SAYL chair back in October, we just wanted to know one thing – when and where can we get one? That’s why we were thrilled to find out that the SAYL is now officially available for sale. That’s right, you can purchase this beautifully designed ergonomic eco office chair, which is made of 21% recycled content, for your own office now and even customize it to suit your tastes here.
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In addition to being made of recycled materials, the artful chair was designed very thoughtfully by Behar, who experimented with over 70 prototypes before feeling satisfied that what he had created was the perfect marriage between maximum comfort and minimal materials, proving that brilliantly designed furniture can certainly be achieved in an earth-conscious way.

We’re also partial to the chair for a more personal reason. Its elegant back was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridgein San Francisco (a city near and dear to the hearts of our editor in chief Jill Fehrenbacher, and managing editor Mike Chino as well as many of our writers). But even our more East coast-centric team members agree that the SAYL’s reduced footprint and ergonomic shape make it a chair worthy of any green office.

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