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Set on an expansive plot of lush land, House D is partially set into a hill, which provides natural insulation and gives its residents a break in energy costs. The ground floor glass is glazed to block the sun’s rays, and the floor-to-ceiling windows are also lined with moveable perforated curtains that give residents privacy while flooding the first floor with natural light. The curtains also act as a decorative element, veiling the natural vistas surrounding the home.

While the first floor is glass, the second is clad in raw timber. Three bedrooms and sprawling patios occupy the upstairs volumes. The natural quality of the wood ties the home in with the fruit trees that surround it, further relating the structure to the land.  Concrete was chosen for the interior due to its insulating properties and unadorned simplicity, creating a calm contrast to the outdoors.

The house may be designed with simple lines and materials, but it does not lack in luxury. A large terrace overlooks an oversized pool, and a private gym is located on-site. The modern home connects its residents with the environment around them while providing luxury comforts.

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