Lots of people would love to bike to work. Or school, or the theater. Pedaling your way around town is a great way to burn calories and curb carbon emissions. Unfortunately, the trade off is a lot of sweat, some dirt, and little protection from the elements. If you’ve ever wished your analog bike could simply sprout a motor on those days when armpit stains aren’t an option, the FlyKly Smart Wheel is your dream come true. Designed to simply snap on to the rear wheel of virtually any bicycle, this lightweight and highly-efficient electric pedal assist technology will have you coasting along at 20 mph without a care in the world.

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The FlyKly consists of an ultra-thin electric motor and intelligent electronics encased in a durable housing that fits easily onto the spokes of a bicycle rim. Want an extra boost for your commute? Simply replace your bike’s rear wheel with the FlyKly, and off you go.

Once installed, “The motor turns on when you start pedaling and begins accelerating to your desired speed [determined via the FlyKly app]. It stops when you stop,” explain the designers. FlyKly goes up to 20 mph for a 30 mile range and weighs only nine pounds (so you’ll still be able to carry your bike up the stairs or hang it on the wall).

Worried that someone might snag it while you’re away? The FlyKly Smart Wheel comes with remote locking and tracking abilities via the complementary smartphone app.

Right now, the FlyKly is in the prototyping stage and seeking backers on Kickstarter. With only about $14,000 left to gather in over a month, we think it has got a good shot of becoming reality.

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