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Roy David Studio faced two major challenges with the Motelparo villa project: first was the task of designing the renovation from overseas, and second, the firm had to contend with the region’s strict preservation laws. With help from local regulatory guidance, the firm disassembled the villa’s facade, stone by stone, to evaluate each stone’s structural strength before reconstructing the facade. The architects were inspired to preserve the yellowish color of the facade because it matched the palette of the surrounding wheat and sunflower fields. The only structural element removed was an external spiral staircase.

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The original stonework is exposed throughout the interior that’s designed in a “toucan style” complemented by rough terra-cotta stone flooring installed in a fishbone pattern, exposed wooden beams, white walls plastered with local techniques, and multi-colored ceramic tiles. The interior design and open-plan layout emphasizes natural lighting and a sense of spaciousness. The architects refurbished and reinstalled as much of the original details as possible, from the original window and door handles to the original iron rings created for tethering horses.

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