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The Platonian Tower is a competition entry for a redevelopment site in Lima, Peru. Starting from the site’s boundaries and code for height and extents, Tammo Prinz designed an expressive residential tower. The tower is built from a repeating set of elements composed of two geometries, a cube fit inside a 12-sided dodecahedron. The matching flat surfaces fit together perfectly for stacking. The internal cube hosts the interior spaces, while the extruded spaces can be used as additions, exterior living or just open outdoor air. Flexibility in these external sections allows for residents to change or adapt spaces as needed.

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The tower’s structures are built solidly from concrete and multiple towers of these repeating elements stack to form a stair step like structure. Sunk slightly into the street level, the tower features an open plaza and reception space below grade. Amphitheater-like steps in a pentagon shape surround this sunken plaza and natural light and ambient breezes infiltrate the space. “In general we think it could be applied on other sites, since it is developed from modules, which you could expand in all 3 dimensions,” explains Tammo Prinz.

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Images ©Tammo Prinz