The Exploded View Beyond Building at Dutch Design Week was created out of 100 different bio-based materials. It also uses sustainable building methods to highlight the ways we as a global society can apply sustainable design and building in real-world house construction right now.

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A house on display in a room, the house structure has two stories and multiple rooms decorated like a doll house

You read that right. Every single material that went into this house is bio-based. The goal isn’t to prove one material is better than another, but rather to explore the question of how we can put all these existing sustainable building materials into use to change construction of buildings today.

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A bed room with a patterned ceiling with lots of fabricated patterns

The Exploded View Beyond Building explores circular construction methods, 3D printing and multiple sustainable materials. It also includes storytelling installations to explore the ways we can change more than construction methods with sustainable products. This “value chain” looks at how we can revolutionize health, agriculture and neighborhoods as well. How do we move from talking about what needs to change to making use of the new construction methods and building materials we already have to make that change happen?

An orange colored room with two stools

“The Exploded View Beyond Building demonstrates a lot is already possible, affordable and manageable that it is healthier for people and the world, and that it is part of a much larger chain as an alternative to the current systems built on pollution and depletion,” said Designer Pascal Leboucq.

Leboucq is asking through this project: How do we change how we build based on what practices sustain the environment instead of assuming we need to deplete it?

An abstract painting wall with a chair in front of it

The project aims to engage everyone, from the construction sector to the general public to policymakers, to examine ways we can shift how we design and build. In this way to progress the conversation of sustainability from one of “Is this possible?” to “How are we going to do this together?”

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