Are you a resident of Hong Kong? Are you having trouble breathing because of the dense air pollution? Have no fear, Fresh Air is here! The Clean Air Network, a Hong Kong based awareness group is selling bottles of Fresh Air for just 25 cents to local residents. With Hong Kong’s air quality three times as bad as New York City’s and twice the level of London’s, it’s high time they start doing something about it. Check out the mock — yes, that’s correct, the bottles of air aren’t real — infomercial after the jump.

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The campaign stars popular American born Hong Kong based movie star Daniel Wu and resembles late night infomercials of yore. “Do your feeble breathing skills let you down? Does standing up tire you out?’’ Wu asks his audience. He then offers a bottle of Fresh Air and tells us that this new product will let you breathe, ‘‘like the rest of the world does.’’ Hong Kong’s air quality is notoriously bad and as we’ve seen the world over, air pollution not only adds to global warming but also affects local residents’ respiratory systems.

The tongue-in-cheek ad is a departure from the Clean Air Networks’ prior more serious campaigns. ‘‘We’re trying to reach younger people, who are in a way our pivotal audience, but whose apathy can be harder to break through,’’ Joanne Ooi, the group’s chief executive told the New York Times. ‘‘That’s why it was important to have a celebrity and to use humor — to try a whole new angle.” Wu and the other stars in the ad donated their time and the entire thing cost the group only $5,000 to make.

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Via The New York Times Green Blog