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Pensions are a new thing for South Korean urbanites keen to escape the monotony of city life, but normally they take on a more European chalet identity. The client asked Moon Hoon to deviate from this norm, and to instead infuse his project with the same kind of vital energy he experienced in Spain. This is how the controversial designer came up with the idea of placing giant bull horns on the building.

Each small room, there are six in total, comes with its own theme – including a ferrari, barbie, a cave and even traditional Korean houses – decked out with ropes, nets, hammocks, and even tails that together create a kind of dynamic “living architecture” as Moon puts it. Deliberately nuts, the idea is to shake people up, to rile up their imagination and emotions in a fantasy land. Hovering over a dry river bed, each room is just 33 square meters, which is much less obnoxious than a giant Hilton Hotel.

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Via Arch Daily