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Sotelia lies between two existing hotels, making use of the once unoccupied space. While its sister hotels are pretty standard airport-area Holiday Inn style buildings, <a href="Enota chose to take Sotelia in a totally new direction by letting the surrounding nature, instead of the man made structures, influence its form. As such, one of the primary concerns was to shun a massive block-like building (as is typical of many hotels). The end result was a volume that is broken up into smaller units arranged in landscape-hugging tiers. Thus, the four storey, 150-room hotel has the appearance of a much lower, more intimate structure.

From afar, the hotel’s form resembles a red mountain range with jagged peaks and ridges. Upon closer inspection, the facade’s vertical wooden slats are visible, giving it a modern appeal. In addition to the green roofs, there are planted balconies and wooden terraces for guests to take in the idyllic scenery.

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