Sustainable construction is on the mind of builders, architects, engineers, residential homeowners and businesses around the world. A project by SOA architekti in collaboration with Richter Design reflects this mindset with green design elements and privacy in an open and well-lit home. 

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The corner of a white house partially obscured by plants in the foreground.

Located at Lhotka Prague 4 in the Czech Republic, House Lhotka is unique in the creation of a large home with an easily identifiable and functional central space. The house is purposely divided into four volumes with the dining room at the heart of it and a corridor that connects them all.

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A kitchen with white walls, ceilings, floors and counters. The cabinets are a light-toned wood.

Designers selected natural materials where possible with a reliance on wood and sand-lime bricks. These elements also work to connect the outdoors with the indoors, such as the wooden ceiling in the dining room that flows through to a terrace, garden and pool areas. Large windows and moveable glass partitions marry the central part of the home with the outdoor living space while inviting in copious natural light and ventilation.

A living room with a white sofa and wood walls. A black armchair sits to the right.

With attention to energy efficiency, heating is provided through a heat pump and a gas boiler for additional support. Radiant cooling is built into the ceiling to help control interior temperatures. Likewise, efficient underfloor heating makes the space more comfortable. 

A wood panel in a white wall, with greenery climbing up the wall.

A statement by the development team explains, “Air exchange is provided by a pressure-controlled ventilation system with passive heat recuperation with high efficiency. The intensity of ventilation is controlled automatically using CO2. In the summertime, the system is used for night pre-cooling of the building operating at a higher intensity.” To keep all this in check, a smart system monitors activities and makes adjustments as needed.  

The outdoor patio mirrored against a glass wall on the home's exterior.

From the northeast entrance, the central corridor leads to a garage and study with views of the plants outside. The basement and second floor of the home provide plenty of space for the family with a master bedroom and three kid’s bedrooms. 

A closer view of the pool, which features a step stone path toward the home.

For security, the home is mostly shielded from view from the street side, yet the large windows open the space up to the garden for a connection with the surrounding landscape without the need to hide from passersby.

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