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The circular building is made up of areas loosely divided into a pentagram, allowing some flexible spaces inside while maintaining a circular shape. Inspired by the structural shape of music notes on a staff, MenoMenoPiu Architects’ likened the House of Hungarian Music’s movable windows as the notes on a page of music, which can fluctuate and change to give varying views of the exhibitions indoors or the trees outdoors.

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The trees themselves were a major inspiration for the architects, who designed the complex to not disturb 95 percent of the existing foliage. The other five percent that will be required to clear for the building’s footprint will instead be relocated near the park’s lake. The parallel blades that make up the building’s perimeter will also allow for trees to grow in front and in between them, as does the main hall which will feature several of the site’s existing trees, grown through holes in the floor.

Exhibition space, a pergola, lecture halls and a cocoon-like performance hall will create cozy and unique spaces indoors, while the sound dome and outdoor theater will blend the exterior with the interior functions of the House of Hungarian Music.

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