Indian design firm Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy has unveiled a stunning home in Pune, India that proves that greenery is much more than just decoration. Built for a large family of six, the Hovering Gardens House is an exquisite example of how combining natural materials, such as rocks and plants, can result in a contemporary, energy-efficient home that sits in harmony with nature.

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street view of home with large balconies covered in greenery

The three-story home has plenty of indoor and outdoor space. The main volume is an H-shaped structure with a massive central courtyard, all surrounded by a barrier wall made of natural rock.

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courtyard surrounded by stone wall

stone home with balconies covered in greenery

Keeping India’s hot and humid climate in mind, the architects designed the house with several passive features, such as the cantilevered balconies that “hover” over the spaces below. These balconies are covered in hanging vegetation to further protect the interiors from harsh sunlight. Additionally, the house was installed with several vertical screen facades, which provide the family with privacy while also permitting sun and air to filter through the main living areas. For additional cooling, the family can use a state-of-the-art indirect evaporative cooling system that reduces reliance on conventional, energy-intensive air conditioners.

large interior living space with triple-height ceiling, gray sectional sofa and round blue rug

doorway made out of natural stone walls

Throughout the interior, triple-height ceilings, white walls and massive panels of glass add to the home’s contemporary style. The large residence was arranged to accommodate the family of six currently, but it is also designed to be flexible for the family’s future needs when the youngest children leave the nest. Each wing has a distinctive use but can be converted into separate living areas in the future.

water feature under a white balcony

three-level home with cantilevered balconies

The designers also focused on using natural materials to create a strong connection to the surroundings. From interior rock walls to water features, plus bridges that join several pocket gardens, the Hovering Gardens House has an incredibly soothing atmosphere.

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Images via Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy