Approximately 3 billion people around the world lack access to modern energy, and cook over open flames that billow smoke and cause severe cardiac and respiratory illnesses. BioLite HomeStoves are clean-burning, efficient, and low-cost biomass cookstoves that use twigs and branches as fuel, and burn as hot as gas stoves without creating any smoke. They also generate electricity as they burn, allowing those in developing countries to gain access to green energy as they cook.

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Did you know that more premature deaths occur from the fumes and smoke from open cooking fires than from HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria combined? Millions of people die every year simply because they lack access to clean energy, and are exposed to countless toxins and carcinogens from the very flames that keep them warm and fed. BioLite stoves create no smoke as they burn, and they use waste heat to generate electricity; two great benefits to helping people in developing areas make the switch.

BioLite stovesare ideal for camping and outdoor recreation, and with every purchase, the company can use that revenue to invest in the market-building costs needed to help others in developing countries. These stoves can alleviate respiratory illnesses and energy poverty alike, since the electricity they generate allows users to power lamps and charge personal devices. Users who live off-grid can reap the benefits of clean energy and connectivity, as well as better health.

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