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Stephanie Adams began her Tiny Home Bus Conversion by purchasing a 220 square foot school bus for $2,125 from an online auction. The 2000 diesel model, with 98,000 miles on the clock, proved to run just fine as she drove it from Tennessee to her friends’ home. Armed with the help of her friends and her two daughters, Stephanie started stripping the interior and adding all the creature comforts of home.

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It’s always surprising to see just how little space one needs for the essentials of everyday living, and this home is no different. The living area is a place of convertibles: a couch that doubles as a sleeping space for her daughter and a table that serves as a desk and entertainment center are beautifully furnished with found decor and colorful, personal touches. The kitchen includes a butcher’s block counter, space-saving mason jars screwed underneath the cabinets for storage, fridge, stove, and a washer-dryer. Stephanie’s bedroom is equipped with plenty of closet space and natural light. Most surprisingly is the amount of space for shelves and storage in the bathroom. Switching out a composting toilet for the real deal once the home was parked in its resting spot gave it the final touch.

Stephanie is still keeping her audience up to date on what it’s like living in her finished tiny home. Aside from some electrical issues and adjusting to less space, she reports finding unexpected amounts of tranquility in disconnecting from the hectic world, exploring her new wooded neighborhood, and trading in her internet for a good book. Goes to show how having too much space can be distracting from appreciating the little, simpler things in life.

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