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Ms. Hess says the tree draws scores of tourists, especially on the weekends. “I once met some people who traveled all the way from Alabama to Indiana just to spot the tree on top of the roof,” she adds.

Such attention is a boon for this relatively small community of roughly 11,000 residents, which has completely capitalized on the curious phenomenon. In addition to calling themselves “Tree City,” Greensburg provides plenty of entertaining material about its history. To begin with, it’s not even certain what kind of tree it is. According to the Decatur county website, the Smithsonian Institute says it’s a Large Tooth Aspen, so named for the shape of its leaves. But in 2007, a group of Foresters from Purdue University identified it as a Mulberry Tree. Well, at least this one.

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Turns out, this is not the same tree that first sprouted along with four others back in 1870, but you knew that already, right? In 1888, a Steeple Jack was hired to remove some of the original tree. That first tree died, but another two remained, one of which grew to be 15 feet tall! Since then, over a dozen trees have replaced the first and the city hires someone to take care of them. In the old days a professional painter would care for the trees without scaffolding or a crane, but locals say that these days a crane is used to provide elevation. If you’re curious to see it, you can visit Greensburg from September 26 to 27, 2014 for the Tree City Fall Festival. In addition to a baking and watermelon-eating contest, you might catch the crowning of Miss Tree City!

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All images via Tafline Laylin for Inhabitat; research assistance provided by Kim Kaufhold

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