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If you, too, want to participate in these “free” cycling classes, there’s really not much to it. Just walk to your nearest Citi Bike station, mount a bike of your choice, and get pedaling. There’s just one catch – apparently, you can only pedal backwards. But that hasn’t stopped any of these folks from partaking in the new “trend”.

If the Citi Bike “gyms” start to “spin” too far out of hand, it seems likely that the DOT might create some kind of locking mechanism for the bikes. But we have to wonder if there isn’t some kind of upside to this. For example, what if Citi Bike could somehow harness the resulting pedal power to help juice up their kiosks (some of which are powered by solar energy right now), or even add energy back to the grid? We’ve seen pedal power in use before so the technology does exist. It would just be a matter of how much the city would be willing to exist to implement it.

Via The NY Times via Gothamist