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The office design was built by focusing on three main pillars: iconic imagery, minimal cost and quick construction time. This pragmatic focus allowed the architects to create a perfect synthesis between the natural world and man-made architecture. In addition, the design implements many simple, yet strategic energy-efficient features throughout that offer stability and strength in the face of potential future climate change-related hazards

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The airy three-story building was built in an East-West orientation to optimize interior temperature and natural light control year-round. The two upper floors were installed with a large network of lattice to support an impressive array of plants and various edible crops. In addition to providing a fresh and healthy work environment within the office, employees are also encouraged to use their own green thumbs to plant vegetables by themselves.

The building’s “vertical field” is cared for by an irrigation system integrated into the concrete blocks. The stacked block design along with the open ventilation and vegetation were strategically incorporated into the building’s design to reduce the impact of local noise and air pollution, while offering resiliency in the case of extreme weather conditions such as typhoons.

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Photography © Nguyen Tien Thanh