The Humane Society International (HSI) U.K. has warned shoppers to be wary of purchasing faux fur products online, even from leading brands including Amazon, eBay, Shein and Romwe, among others. This warning follows a recent HSI investigation, which revealed that online retailers are selling items labeled to contain faux fur despite actually including real fur. In the investigation, HSI’s undercover shoppers purchased various faux fur products; the items were then subjected to laboratory tests to determine whether they contain animal fur. As it turns out, most of the items were made with real fur.

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In the investigation, a beanie hat was purchased at £13.99 (about $18.79) from Amazon U.K., a pair of faux fur fluffy sliders at £16.99 (about $22.82) from eBay, a faux fur key chain from Shein at £2.49 (about $3.34), and faux fur pompom earrings, also £2.49, purchased from Shein were all found to contain real animal fur.

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“Fur is cruel, which is why most Brits don’t want to buy it,” HSI Executive Director Claire Bass said. “So it’s really concerning that yet again we’ve found popular online shopping websites selling an alarming number of products described as faux fur which have turned out to be trimmed with real fur from fox, mink, raccoon, dog, and rabbit.”

Other brands found to be selling misleading products include Just Your Outfit, Danielli and Boho Styles, all of which were found to sell “faux fur” products that contain real animal fur. Some products were even labeled “vegan” and “cruelty-free”.

Fur farming is currently illegal in the U.K., but there is no ban on selling fur products. HSI has been running the Fur Free Britain campaign, which has gained momentum, with animal rights groups, celebrities and even politicians fighting to stop the sale of animal fur products entirely.

“Fur-farming is rightly banned in the U.K., but for as long as animal fur from overseas is allowed to be sold here, we remain complicit in the cruelty, creating a minefield for shoppers who wholeheartedly reject that cruelty,” Bass said. “We urge the government to bring forward plans to implement a fur sales ban in the U.K. so that British consumers can trust that their ethical purchasing decisions are not in vain.”

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