The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force was formed almost a year ago as an action tank to get storm-ravaged New York areas back on their feet. Yesterday, the organization and US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan released a rebuilding strategy to serve as a national model to strengthen the entire country against future extreme weather events. The Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Strategy includes 69 policy recommendations with aims to make new and existing structures more resilient while also revitalizing local economies and small businesses.

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Some of the strategy’s 69 recommended policies have already been adopted to help clean up the New Jersey and New York shores after the super storm struck in late October. Beyond the Tri-State area, the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force says all coastal communities should assume floods are going to happen more frequently.

“This Rebuilding Strategy will protect families, small businesses and communities across the region, and the taxpayers’ investment in them, from the risks posed by sea level rise and more extreme weather events – risks that are made worse by the reality of a changing climate,” Donovan said in a press release.

President Barack Obama also shared a few words of praise for the task force’s ability to act quickly rather than get caught up in an administrative loop. “We have cut red tape, piloted cutting edge programs and strengthened our partnership with state and local officials,” President Obama said in a release. “While a great amount of work remains, we will stand with the region for as long as it takes to recover.”

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