We are nuts about Mark Harrison’s Husque homewares made from recycled macadamia nut shells. The inspired form of these fun pieces reflect the material’s origins, and take advantage of an often discarded resource. Harrison developed a special compound that combines the shells with injection molding to create colorful bowls inspired by nature and place. Using nuts, pods and other organic shapes as inspiration, each piece carries with it a natural history of Australia.

Every creation in the Husque line is made from the Australian macadamia nut shell, a botanical native to a small strip of land in Queensland. A highly renewable, and often unused material, the shells are put to good use to produce the beautiful Husque collection, and will not be running out anytime in the near future. To pay homage to the place of origin, Husque’s name is derived from the word husk, replacing the ‘k’ with ‘que’ to include the first three letters of Queensland.

There are currently four different versions available in the collection including the original bowl and new additions, the Frag, the Pinch, and the Wax. Each comes in a growing number of vivid colors that will match any existing color scheme making Husque a perfectly sustainable addition to any home.

$154.00 at Husque