At 5,670 square meters, the club is substantial but it doesn’t overpower the course. The project’s long lot forced the architects to think of imaginative ways to break up the space while maximizing the interior. Hyunjoon Yoo partitioned the façade’s boxy profile into distinct components to reduce its bulk, and a sweeping curved entrance invites guests inside the gentle wood-clad façade. As visitors progress through the building, each room is designed to flow into the next like a bamboo weave, with pubic spaces at the front and a private spa at the far end.

The club’s ace in the hole is its fantastic use of living walls to break up the facade and visually extend the landscape. Covered with pachysandra terminalis and ivy, the walls act as a buffer to the hot summer days when the club is used the most. A water feature comes right up to the building and is extended upward in glass, visually weaving the building in with its location.

+ Hyunjoon Yoo Architects

Via Contemporist

Photographs © Seunghoon Yum