A year has officially passed since Hurricane Sandy hit New York, but many communities hit by the superstorm still have a long way to go before full recovery. In order to promote tourism in these areas, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced NY state’s “Come See the Comeback” tourism campaign last week. In the coming months, New Yorkers will see new ads on TV as well as in trains and train stations, and specially-printed MetroCards emblazoned with the “I Love NY” logo. Even better, if you have one of these cards and flash it at select locations, you can take advantage of nice discounts on everything from hotdogs to museum visits.

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Last week, Governor Cuomo unveiled six new commemorative MetroCards designed with the “I Love NY” logo. Each MetroCard features a message urging commuters to see New York’s comeback communities, which include Staten Island, Coney Island, Howard Beach, the Rockaways, Long Beach and Long Island. The special “I Love NY” MetroCards will be available starting on Tuesday, October 29th, but only 300,000 of them will be in circulation.

While the cards won’t reduce (or hike up) your fare, you can use them to take advantage of promotions and discount throughout the city. For example, if you’re heading down to Coney Island, you can print the ad on the MTA’s Deals and Discounts web page to get a second Nathan’s hotdog for a nickel when you flash your I<3NY card. A few blocks away, you can save $7 on a weekday wristband at Luna Park or save $2 at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park.

Outside of the city, the MTA is also working closely with the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad to offer packaged deals and getaways. Most notably, if you’re into food and wine, you could take the LIRR to the North Fork stations where a connecting shuttle will bring visitors to various wineries and food establishments in the area.


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