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Tucked up into the mountain above the main part of the resort, the 9 Spa is a secluded and peaceful retreat. To construct the retreat, a21studio and I-Resort hired 80 village masons, carpenters and craft persons to build the hotel in 9 months. They used indigenous building techniques and materials to construct the stone and thatch project. Stone was locally sourced and dry-stacked in combination with a wood structure. Both timber and thatch construction with coconut leaves are utilized to create a beautiful and leak-proof roof that covers all 9 rooms.

The rooms are all slightly separated from each other to allow for space and to encourage natural ventilation. Circular windows and colorfully patterned tiles adorn the rooms, which feature a living room and a small paddling pool at the front with a washroom in the back. A shared bar and restaurant is decorated with reclaimed furniture as well as old doors and shutters handing on the walls for a colorful and eclectic look. Views from the hotel and rooms all focus on nature and the use of local materials like stone and palm fronds help expand that concept.

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