Electric city cars tend to be tiny and economical affairs – you might go so far as to call some of them drab. That’s not the case with the Citroen Egoiste EV concept from designer Ian Kettle. The Egoiste is a fashionista’s electric car, with every detail designed not only for beauty but also for garnering attention. First up is the jet fighter-style rear-hinge hatch that opens to reveal a catwalk-like floor the driver walks along to exit the vehicle. That hatch doubles as a panoramic windshield that puts the driver directly in view of the city around him or her.

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Less front and center is the technology that powers the Egoiste. Wheel hub motors are hidden behind delicate floral-patterned hub caps, and the batteries are integrated into the floor a la Tesla Model S. The vehicle’s branding is subtle as well, with small logos adorning the front and rear glass blade fascias that contain the vehicle’s circuitry, and double chevrons projected on the ground behind the vehicle in its fabulous wake. The Egoiste represents a seductive confidence that is unlike anything Citroen currently makes, but the company liked this design so much that it shortlisted it for presentation at the Citroen Design Studio, Paris, January 2010. We can’t wait to see what they do with this design.

+ Ian Kettle

Via Yanko Design