While many individual citizens like you and I focus energy on recycling and minimizing waste within our homes, the hospitality industry is consuming massive amounts of energy and producing copious waste. Iberostar Luxury Hotels is standing up against wasteful hospitality practices, publicly announcing detailed plans for developing and continuously converting their new and existing hotels into responsible tourism destinations.

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Over 100 Iberostar hotels are located on multiple continents and countries, making its efforts a global campaign. Iberostar’s initiatives encompass an action plan to address waste, responsible seafood sourcing and coastal health.  

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Additionally, the luxury hotel and resort company has made five commitments. The first goal is aimed at decarbonization. Furthermore, this includes a focus on eliminating single-use plastic, becoming waste free by 2025, and being carbon neutral by 2030.

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The second goal is to ensure Iberostar’s seafood consumption is 100% responsible by 2025. Meanwhile, the third goal is to protect all ecosystems that surround Iberostar properties. This will be achieved by improving ecological health in balance with profitable tourism by 2030. In fact, the ocean wellness plan is called Wave of Change. Following, the fourth goal is to spread the word about the sustainability focus of Iberostar. Therefore, Wave of Change will be recognized by 90% of clients in-stay by 2023. It will also be a major driver for 60% of clients to choose Iberostar by 2025.

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Education about sustainable practices is essential to the success of these goals. Inasmuch, the fifth goal is to set an example for the entire tourism industry. By 2030, Iberostar intends that its own certification or verified partner certifications for responsible tourism are adopted by two times the number of hotels it manages.

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Iberostar hotels maintain a targeted focus on creating a circular economy across all hotels. It plans to achieve this through sourcing quality, long-lasting materials, waste reduction, the elimination of plastic, and protection for animals and the environment.

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Thinking about a current hotel visit, the vision for a hotel that sends zero waste to the landfill may seem out of reach. That’s why Iberostar has created a comprehensive plan to achieve that goal in the next three years.

This effort rolls into the goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 by increasing energy efficiency in the hotel design and functions as well as maximizing the use of renewable energy.  

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