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To become an angel, each visitor approaches the small platform in front of the screen. Once mounted on the step, participants are asked to begin flapping their arms, which activates the lightscape behind them, and the glow of angel wings begin to form. Like the idea of having a unique aura, each guest has their own style of angel wings- some unfurl into a sweeping expanse, while others are more detailed and small.

As the visitor moves his or her arms, the wings move in unison, staying true to the angel identity design that the program has chosen for them. Further emphasizing that each visitor has their own unique wing design, the program has a memory. Should a visitor come back, the LED installation remembers their wing design, giving each person their own angel imprint.

Ice Angel works with the help of a 3D Camera that syncs each angel’s movement with the LED bulb screen behind them, making the screen’s reaction in real time. The interactive angel portrait is on display until January 2013, extending the season of the snow angel into the new year.

+ Cinimod Studio

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