Nori Morimoto’s light sculptures were on display at ICFF in a stunning booth that showcased this master craftsman’s attention to delicate details. Crafted from local, sustainably harvested wood from around his Vermont wood working studio, Morimoto’s work was a truly refreshing sustainable design find at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this past weekend.

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We were fortunate to have the chance to speak with this inspired artist at ICFF, and came away from the encounter with the sense that the sculptures and pieces on display were part of a true inquiry into nature’s forms and processes. Each piece reflects the artists attention to the structure of the materials. Rather than construct completely new shapes from raw materials, Morimoto draws out existing patterns from the wood’s grain. With a keen eye, he then arranges the enhanced wood into sculptural configurations that are as beautiful by day as they are when lit up at night.

Using native wood, “Nori looks to redefine his understanding of nature, the raw force at odds with the terrible beauty of a striving humankind. Nori is on the edge of the woods, looking out to us and bringing us the secret of the forest.” Each piece we saw at ICFF revealed the exploration that seems to drive this artist. Morimoto says, “each piece of wood is unique — like a person — a masterpiece of character. Every day I discover something extraordinary about each piece.” This sense of process is something that translates through to his light sculptures, becoming a part of each design.