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Designers included in this inspiring project include Adrien Rovero, who designed a mint green four-seater rocking chair, Atelier Oï, whose white gondola is topped by what looks like a giant jelly fish, and Jörg Boner & Lela Scherrer, who repurposed gondola doors into a groovy indoor screen. Philippe Cramer hung the plexiglass windows, which can’t be otherwise recycled, as if in a museum exhibit, Nicolas Le Moigne turned his gondola into a shapeshifting transformer object, while Baker Wardlaw made an otherworldly gum ball machine!

Photographer Anoush Abrar captured the project’s essence in photographs that will blow your mind. After a summer exhibition at Verbier, the gondolas’ original home, and a few more, Christies will eventually auction off each piece and the proceeds will benefit Switzerland’s Make a Wish Foundation.

Via MocoLoco

Images via Annik Wetter, Frank Saada, Mountain Climbers