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The owners’ former wooden house (which stood at the site) was too dark and wasn’t suited for a family. The main requirement for the new house was a spacious and daylit living room which wouldn’t have pillars or walls. In order to create such a space in a tiny plot, Ido Kenji placed the master bedroom on the ground floor, the living area on the first floor, and the children’s room on the second floor.

Because of structural limitations which prevented the introduction of large openings on the façade facing the road, the architect decided to rotate the volume of the second floor by 14 degrees. This created voids between the walls in the original position and the rotated ones and enabled the introduction of a skylight which could bring natural light into the living room situated on the first floor. One of the two walls on the second floor is rotated and (in order to avoid overlapping with the stairs) inclined, further augmenting the space.

+ Ido Kenji Architectural Studio