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Nestled between IKEA’s plush and modern furnishings, the unexpected and tiny 25-square-meter Syrian home offered a sobering glimpse inside the life of Rana, a refugee woman and her family of nine. The installation was based on Red Cross footage of Rana and her two-bedroom apartment in Damascus built from rough concrete blocks and sparsely furnished with a few thin mattresses and plastic window coverings. IKEA’s iconic posters and price tags were used to tell the stories of refugees and the struggles they face, and also offered instruction on how to help through donations.

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In an interview with AdFreak, POL art director Snorre Martinsen said his agency strived to replicate Rana’s home as accurately as possible. The installation was on display from October 17 to October 31, 2016. Around 40,000 people are estimated to have visited the Syrian home replica weekly. The campaign successfully raised 22 million euros for the Red Cross’ efforts in Syria.


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Images via POL