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Swedish furniture giant IKEA is the latest company to be swept up in the horse meat scandal. Authorities from the Czech State Veterinary Association found horse DNA in the company’s famous beef and pork meatballs in the city of Brno. The frozen Kottbullar meatballs containing horsemeat had not yet been distributed to consumers, according to The Guardian, but authorities diverted 760 kilograms that would have otherwise appeared on store shelves.

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IKEA claims that all of their meatballs are made by one Swedish supplier, which simplifies having to trace the origin of the contaminated meat. But EU officials have been meeting in Brussels to cope with the problem, which may be linked to international mafia gangs.

The horse meat scandal has created an uproar across the United Kingdom and the European Union, where it seems no meat distributors have been spared. Burger King launched a swift PR campaign to curtail negative publicity when it was implicated and some officials worry that bute – a pain medicine for horses that is not fit for human consumption – may be present in some of the horse meat as well.

Via The Guardian