We’ve been singing the praises of daylighting and translucent architecture ever since we began preaching the green design gospel here at Inhabitat. Using translucent daylight panels, you can fill your house with diffused sunlight during the day — aiding your health and well-being, and cutting down your electricity bills at the same time. There are plenty of building companies that have been making polycarbonate, nanogel-filled “Daylighting Panels”for awhile now, but Duo-Gard is the first company to push the envelope to its logical conclusion by bringing colored LED lights into the mix.

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With Duo-Gard’s new IllumaWALL, you can flood your house with daytime sunlight AND make it glow like a colorful lantern after dusk in uneartly colors like green and pink. If you’re really ostentatious, you can even liven up the neighborhood with a pulsating spectrum of pink, yellow, green, and blue. Add in your favorite musical tracks and you’ve got yourself a party.

Made of translucent polycarbonate panels and custom-programmable LED’s, the applications for IllumaWALL seem both endless and endlessly entertaining. The array of Duo-Gard’s IllumaWALL’s colorful lighting schemes is made possible by the programming capabilities of LED’s, whose versatile nature can transform the wall from steady ambient glow to a light show of pulsating colors in seconds.

Current applications include both interior and exterior walls, as a canopy roof, and a countertop. As a simple exterior wall, the LEED applications are obvious, as the translucency of the IllumaWALL system allows diffused daylight into any space while minimizing both heat gain and glare. Architectural Record and Buildings Magazine sung the praises of IllumaWall this past December, including IllumaWALL on their list of top products of 2006.

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