Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck on an ever-rotating hamster wheel – working and sleeping, working and sleeping? Alex Schwader and fellow artist Ward Shelley actually lived in or on a giant hamster wheel for 10 days as part of a performance piece entitled “In Orbit.” The 25-foot diameter wheel complete with furniture is currently installed at the Boiler in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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The artists designed the rotating house in such a way that one of them lives on the exterior, while the other inhabits the interior. The pair can adjust and coordinate their movements to access beds, tables, chairs and other furniture. The installation is a continuation of a string of “architectural performance pieces,” including Counterweight Roommate and Stability. The artists have been inhabiting the structure 24 hours a day since February 28, 2014. Today is their last day of living like hamsters.

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The “human hamster wheel” made from wood, steel and pieces of furniture explores principles of empathy and collaboration in everyday living. It is also designed to draw attention to the issues of human interaction and ultimately, sustainable ways of living.

+ Alex Schwader

+ Ward Shelley

Via This Is Colossal

Images by Scott Lynch

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