Bububluooopppp! That’s the sound a pool noodle makes when it sinks in the water, and it’s also what these zany seating arrangements constructed out of oodles of the buoyant toys on a Chelsea rooftop spell out when viewed from above. We guess LA-based firm INABA really, really likes words with “oo” in them (pool, noodle, rooftop) because they are the ones that designed this insanely colorful space which will be used to host film-screenings and outdoor events throughout the summer. The rooftop will also be open to the public at select times, so don’t miss your chance to test out one of the noodle chairs for yourself. If you really want to complete the picture, bring a poodle!

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Since the space was designed for X-Initiative, a non-profit movement to broaden the public’s awareness of contemporary art, it is appropriately marked with a ginormous “X”, which effectively divides the area into four sections. All of the noodle chairs are also x-shaped and can be moved around if people want to form a discussion group, admire the surrounding view, or canoodle.

As far as we know, the pool noodles used were not recycled, but (if you are reading this, Jeffrey Inaba) it would just make the space so much cooler if they were! Nevertheless, the funky formations are great inspiration for anyone who has outgrown these bright playthings and wants to turn them into something new.

+ X-Initiative

Images via DesignBoom