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Berry, aka Denimu, first started his work with denim after being greeted by a pile of old jeans after a trip to his childhood home in Huddersfield, England. Where most people would see a heap of garbage or at best a charity donation, he saw a new medium. He began experimenting with denim during his time as an art director in London, and despite building a successful career for big brands such as Nissan and Guinness, he decided to dedicate his full attention to his passion for the pants.

Berry explains that his pieces are accomplished¬† “…through a material that while personal to me, is also so ubiquitous – transcending borders, race, age, social class and time. A link to my past, but also to one another. Initially drawn to the artistic possibilities offered by the deep and varied texture¬†of the fabric, later I became fascinated by the rich heritage of Denim. A story that has run alongside that of modern history. A material that abounds in dualities and meanings. A symbol of both egalitarianism and of materialism. A reflection of the world in which we live.

Using bleach, stencils, and glue, he takes takes several weeks to cut and stitch a piece together. His landscapes and interiors have been exhibited across the world, including a completed mural for the James Dean museum in Fairmount, Indiana. Moody, tonal, and extremely detailed, Berry’s work is is a masterful exploration of a very unusual medium.

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