Wish your morning bike commute could charge up your cell phone on the way to work? Well, two enterprising engineering students from the Nirma University of Ahmedabad, India have designed a handy wind and solar powered bike helmet that lets the user do just that. Pragnesh Dudhaiya and Aalok Bhatt put together the useful new headgear, which is capable of charging a cell phone using energy generated from a 40-minute ride – and they did it in just 3 days!

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Not only does the helmet provide clean power to juice up electronics, Pragnesh and Aslok also hope it will encourage more bikers to protect themselves by wearing it. The design still needs a lot of work (hey, they only worked on it for 3 days so far!) but the pair wants to file a patent on their design soon. They plan to sell it for around $22, which is incredibly affordable for both safety and utility!

+ Nirma University

Via CNET Crave