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This 1,200-square-foot guest house is located in Bangalore, and it’s surrounded by untouched nature. The house features a kitchenette, a study and bedrooms, all divided by simple flexible demarcations using no division walls. This openness, together with a limited palette of materials and the use of a traditional central courtyard provides the shelter with a unique tranquil aura.

The walls of the Bapagrama Stone House are made from 14-foot-tall local stone slabs, with a recycled timber structure on top. The floor is made of compacted mud with oxide, which has a beautiful red coloring. To top that, an inverted pyramid thatched roof descends inwards towards the courtyard, providing natural light, sky views and it has the ability to catch rainwater. A beautiful, humble guest house made by local people with sustainable materials, Bapagrama Stone House stands in harmony with its environment.

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Photos by Pragrup