Architecture takes a variety of forms and serves many purposes, but most people would agree that the best home is one that meets the family’s needs and lifestyle goals. To this end, VAVA House was designed to emphasize indoor-outdoor living through shared space and a connection to the outdoors. 

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The exterior of a blue house.

Designed by Fivedot Architects, this Seattle, Washington home caters to the client’s desire for a space that reinforces family connection within the home and community relationships outside the home. Unlike most residential homes that open into the backyard, VAVA House opens outdoor living into the front yard where it can be shared with neighbors. 

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An open living room with wood accents that opens out onto the front yard.

Inside, cozy coves beneath the staircase and in a narrow TV viewing area provide space for reflection and relaxation. Larger areas are equipped for group gatherings, whether that be family, neighbors or friends. In all, the house features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an open floor plan throughout the main living area, a home gym, lounge, office and bonus room in a 3,643-square-foot space. 

A kitchen with white counters and wood accents.

Out front, the home features an expansive patio with gathering areas, a custom-made wood swing, and heat sources such as a firepit and heater for year-round entertaining. The swing incorporates recycled roof joists from the previous home and souvenir hardware the clients brought back from India. 

A white bedroom with wood accents around a large window.

Plants and landscaping surround the home, including a green roof and beds along the front yard and street. The theme continues with a custom plant rack for hydroponic growing.

A child's bed built into a wooden shelving area.

Previous concrete on-site is fashioned into the design to minimize water runoff and waste. Extensive solar panels produce renewable energy for the home.

A blue house with wood accents. A person sits on a bench swing on the patio.

Fun, custom additions adorn the home. Prints of the children’s first steps are imprinted into the floor, and mural prints by Mario de Miranda decorate the walls.

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Images via Mark Woods