If you live in the city, you’re surely not a stranger to tight quarters. But when finding a place to park your bike becomes a pain, you know something is up — because wasn’t one of the reasons you gave up that gas guzzler to avoid the stresses of parking? Well, if you’ve been looking for an alternative to that big, husky bike you’ve been hunkering down on, look no further than this flat-folding ThinBike that can fit into just about any slim space. Designed byGraham Hill, founder of Treehugger, the ThinBike goes from a full-sized 22-inch, white bike to a lean, clean, space-saving machine with a simple twist of the handlebars.

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Working with Schindelauer, Graham created a cool custom bike that hits the mark with its cool aesthetic and space efficiency. The trick to the ThinBike’s slim line is in the handlebars. With just a simple twist the handles lock to the side when not being used, and if that 8-inch profile isn’t slim enough for you, the bike’s pedals fold down to avoid any pant snags. The bike also trades a greasy chain for a carbon belt drive that will keep your clothes as spic and span as the bright white bike itself. The grease-free bike weighs in at just 18 lbs, so hauling it up your six-story walk-up and slipping it into a small nook in your apartment will be a piece of cake.

Via Treehugger