Ingo Maurer is a world-renowned creator of innovative and highly artistic lighting installations that use completely custom mechanisms, minimized connectors, and unexpected materials. His latest LightStructure collection, unveiled during Milan Design Week at the Euroluce exhibition, dazzled onlookers by making a highly technical product into an inspiring object of desire. What makes LightStructure so amazing is that the lines that suspend each tubular LED light bar also provide power without any additional connectors or wires.

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The floor and pendant lamps in Ingo Maurer’s LightStructure collection are composed of five light tubes connected by thin bars. These rods send powering zapping around the fixture to light each tube, but it is mysteriously unclear where the power starts and ends. We imagine that Maurer might have been inspired by the way that energy travels in nature, like electrons spinning around an atom.

Maurer has been known to minimize the power sources in his light installations by hiding thin fibers in layers of glass, or even printing circuits on wallpaper. Because LED lighting requires very little energy, the electricity can travel through very thin wires, printed circuits, or conductive rods. This technology allows for the power-sending rods to also serve as a wonderful geometric suspension system for the light tubes.

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