With the Consumer Electronics Show going on in Las Vegas this week, we’ve been dreaming of green electronics innovations that can satisfy our desire for cleaner, greener technology. We might have mentioned that our Greener Gadgets Conference joined forces with CEA this year to showcase a Greener Gadgets section and panel discussion at CES. So, how did people find the push towards Greener Gadgets at CES? Here’s the buzz around the blogosphere about Greener Gadgets and CES 2009…

Discover Magazine liveblogged the Greener Gadgets panel yesterday and said ‘the take-away from the session panel was that if you’re really interested in learning how to build low-power, long-life, non-toxic devices with a small ecological footprint, the kind of places you should visit are Africa and India.’

Popular Science weighed in on the Greener Gadgets panel here>


We’ll have a whole section at the Greener Gadgets conference on how developing world economic necessities lead to innovations in sustainable design, at a panel called ‘Green For Good’. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to attend the Greener Gadgets conference on February 27th in New York City

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With Greenpeace and Greener Gadgets on the scene at CES, there was heightened anticipation for the “Greener Gadgets Tech Zone”. And yet, Treehugger wonders WHERE are the green gadgets?? And cnet reports only a middling report card. Nevertheless, the BBC saw hope for Greener Gadgets at CES>

(Pssst … a tip from the Inhabitat team: If you want GREEN GADGETS, be sure to stay tuned for the Greener Gadgets 2009 Conference in February!)

Cleantech reports that a record $8.4 billion was invested in clean technology in 2008 and despite a drop in investment in the fourth quarter, Cleantech ventures to say that it will rebound.