Here’s some eco-friendly kids furniture that parents will love, but kids could put together. Celery Furniture’s Lullaboo line of children’s furniture is not only environmentally sustainable in material, but without tiny metal connections like nails or hinges — it is much easier to assemble, safer for small fingers, and is easy to store and transport. The connections are simple mortise and tenon systems that slip together seamlessly and sturdily, making the furniture safer and easy to fold and store for a rainy day as your child grows up.

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Celery explain’s “It just made sense as both designers and parents to utilize an eco-friendly palette for our product. Bamboo plywood is beautiful and distinct; unlike hardwoods, it is made from 100 percent rapidly renewable resources.” The selection of bamboo and non-formaldehyde MDF with low-VOC finishes illustrates their commitment to strong and non-toxic materials. Celery’s pieces are not imported either; the furniture proudly bears the mark “Bozeman, Montana” where the talents of local craftspeople and designers are harnessed throughout the design process.

Celery furniture was founded by Dan Harding, Eliza Eddy and Kristin Harding. Both Dan and Kristin have degrees in architecture and together co-founded Intrinsik Architecture. The firm’s emphasis on construction capitalizes on Kristin’s business project management experience and Dan’s talents of building, woodworking and steel fabrication. Bringing their collective experience to Celery, they strive to offer an environment that fosters progressive design derived from hands-on creativity. This husband and wife team finds daily inspiration as new parents of their daughter, Alexandra.

Eliza received her degree in midwifery and is a licensed midwife. In addition to her background in women’s health, she also has experience working in the field of environmental health. After moving to Montana and having her first child, Claire, she teamed up with Dan and Kristin to launch Celery. Eliza brings to the company an expertise in the way manufactured products affect human and environmental health and a passion for innovative design.

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