Nordic Artists Centre at Dalsåsen, Iván Juárez, x-studio, pine cone pavilion, inner forest, norway, temporary pavilion

Iván Juárez, founder and principal of Mexican firm was part of the 2011 A-I-R program at Centre Dalsåsen. The art center is located on the west coast of Norway where a range of landscapes interconnect. Juárez enjoyed the fjords, forests, the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. His creation is directly inspired by nature and is a reflection of a connection to the fjords landscape. His relationship with the environment was the essence of the work.

To build his pavilion, Juárez spent a lot of time collecting materials from the forest floor – mainly pine cones. These seeds of the forest were carefully stacked to make a semi-enclosed cylinder that envelops the viewer in the textures of the forest. Inside, the pavilion directs the view up and out of the top towards the forest canopy and the sky beyond. The pavilion is as much about the act of its creation as it is about the final product.


Via Plataforma Arquitectura

Images ©Iván Juárez/