Do you dream about living a freer life in an off-grid mobile home? Photographer Andrew Waits traveled around the West Coast capturing amazing images of people that drifted away and now live happily in cars, vans, and campers with very few possessions. Waits’ moving “Boondock” photo series gives a glimpse into a unique nomadic subculture that sees cars as more than a mode of transportation – they can also provide shelter and a sense of home.

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People have been living in vehicles for ages, but Waits’ photo series explores the reasons that his subjects chose to live a frugal life outside the system. Some of these wanderers are living on their pensions or savings, while other work as campground hosts or make crafts on the way. Waits’ inspiring photos show that homes don’t have to be static places filled with possessions, and they suggest that freedom can by found by hitting the road and not looking back.

+ Andrew Waits

Via Fast Co Design

Photos by Andrew Waits

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