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The site is surrounded by an interesting landscape delimited by a Green Ring embracing a water reservoir. This, the design studio states, is an essential framework for landscape design and architectural composition and both should help solve the local climatic problems – very warm summers and extremely cold winters.

Using a “poly-center” principle at the urban plan’s core, which the studio says is the most beneficial for sustainable development in big cities, facilitates connections between the city center and exhibition center. An iconic building would lie at the central intersection point between the axes as the “Symbol” of the expo.

While the concept design itself looks striking and modern, its core ideas also stand out. The studio says they “aim to intervene in tune with man and earth”, presenting formal solutions that help bring together environmental concerns and design. If the concept goes ahead, the design would help demonstrate that sustainable energy can be adapted in building construction and city planning using new technologies and conceptual thinking.

+ Saraiva + Associados

Via ArchDaily

Images courtesy of Saraiva + Associados