The Almost Extinct Calendarcombines great simple design with an assertive environmental reminder. Each day is marked with an image of a different endangered animal, making it impossible to avoid the significance behind the design. Not only is it an educational tool to help teach about endangered species, but it’s also a unique spin on your traditional calendar. The calendar, winner of a 2011 D&AD Award, was created for the BBC Wildlife Fundby the London based firm The Chase.

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The interactive online calendar allows you to click on each animal to learn more about them. The Chase has kept the message and format clean and direct using straightforward black, white, and big bold red crosses to reinforce the environmental campaign. It’s not all bleak though: as well as highlighting the inevitable threat these species face, the site also encourages donations in order to help their protection.

Each animal has only a few sentences about its species and plight, but the powerful message comes through. Even if you were unable to read, the message would be clear: “Every day, hundreds of endangered species get closer to extinction. By working together, we can help save them.”

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